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HIST 1111 World HIstory I Hongjie Wang: Writing

Information resources available to students in this course.

Questions to ask yourself when submitting your paper

Theme/Thesis: (Does the essay come to terms with the proposed topic? Is the point of the essay clear?

Organization/Argument/Development: Is the thesis developed consistently and logically?

Evidence/Materials/Understanding: Is the thesis supported by relevant examples? Do you show a grasp of course materials? Do you use evidence effectively?

Expression/Form: Is the essay written clearly, in standard English? How effective is your style?

Originality/Imagination: you really don’t have to be “creative” in your writing, but if you could surprise your professor by making a new and plausible point, why not?

How to write a history paper?

Writing samples

Armtrong's Writing Center

The Writing Center, located on the first floor of Gamble Hall, offers individual and group tutoring to assist students at each stage of the writing process. For more information/contact: