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History Resources: Special Collections at Armstrong

Savannah Biographies

The Savannah Biographies is a collection of unedited biographies written by history students of Armstrong  State University (Savannah, Georgia) for Dr. Roger K. Warlick's Historical Methods course (History 450/650; old History 300/500). The papers were written between 1975 and the spring term of 1994.

Roger K. Warlick, History, from Univ Relations Photographs

Living in Savannah

The Living in Savannah Scrapbooks contain photographs taken by Armstrong Junior College students for their Contemporary Georgia courses in 1939-40 and 1940-41. Both albums are part of the Florence Powell Minis Collection housed in Lane Library.

Student photographers are credited on the appropriate pages. The Text page of each volume includes its title page and preface. As the students indicated in the second preface, Volume 1 "concentrated on the homes of the people of Savannah, particularly in the slum districts." In Volume 2, they noted that

This year we have attempted to confine our pictures to people, believing that the pitiful plight of our lower classes would be presented most forcefully by its members.

We believe that these pictures speak for themselves and so have refrained from inserting any comments in this volume. In our opinion the importance of being aware of such a situation cannot be overemphasized; but even more important than being aware, is doing something about it.

It is the sincere hope of the entire class that this volume may be the first step toward some definite action on the part of our readers.

Florence Powell Minis Room Collection

Beginning in 1978 A. Robert Minis Jr. endowed the Minis Room and its Collection in memory of his wife, Florence Powell Minis. Since then, the Minis Room has housed a special collection focused on Savannah and the coastal region. All aspects of life in Savannah are included: history, education, economic development, religion, art, music, and social customs. Fiction, biographies, picture books, academic dissertations, and children’s books are collected. The Minis Collection also houses campus publications such as The Inkwell, our student newspaper (1935-.) Copies of some Minis Room books may also be available in the main stacks. Savannah history books are found in classification F 294 S2.

Artwork of Savannah

Happiness and Hardtimes, interviews

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