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Plagiarism Tutorial

Plagiarism Tutorial


Plagiarism is a serious academic offense!

"Plagiarism is the intentional offering of the words, ideas, or computer data programs and/or graphics of others for ones own in any academic exercise. Examples of plagiarism include (but are not limited to):

1. The offering of another's work, whether verbatim or paraphrased, as original material in an academic paper;

2. The offering of another's original ideas or concepts as ones own, in an academic paper or assessed exercise;

3. The inclusion of another's material in ones own work without appropriate or accurate citation or credit."

Armstrong Student Code of Conduct p. 338-339, B1-4.


This tutorial was adapted from content created by the University Libraries, the University of Southern Mississippi and from Robert A. Harris's book The Plagiarism Handbook : Strategies for Preventing, Detecting, and Dealing with Plagiarism, Los Angeles, CA : Pyrczak Publishing, 2001.