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HIST 3150 History of Africa to 1800: Home

Information Resources for the study of Ancient History, Societies and Cultures of Africa

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JStor includes historical sources.. For example currently in JStor American Naturalist is available from 1867-2015, American Scholar runs 1932-2011 and American Sociologist 1965-2013.  Some JStor journals date to the 19th century, many started in the early 20th. 

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Map of Kingdoms of Africa 1000 BC thru 1450 AD

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Research tip: Looking for primary sources? Find secondary sources on the topic written/created by historians, these will describe primary sources.


Getting Started

Iron Age to End of the Eighteenth Century: Central and Southern Africa
Angola, Eighteenth Century
Cape Colony: Khoi-Dutch Wars
Cape Colony: Origins, Settlement, Trade
Cape Colony: Slavery
Great Zimbabwe: Colonial Historiography
Great Zimbabwe: Origins and Rise
Ingombe Ilede
Iron Age (Later): Central Africa
Iron Age (Later): Central Africa: Luangwa Tradition
Iron Age (Later): Central Africa: Peoples, Forest
Iron Age (Later): Central Africa: Upemba Basin
Iron Age (Later): Southern Africa: Characteristics and Origins, South of Zambezi
Iron Age (Later): Southern Africa: Ethnicity, Language, Identity
Iron Age (Later): Southern Africa: Highveld, Emergence of States on
Iron Age (Later): Southern Africa: Leopard's Kopje, Bambandyanalo and Mapungubwe
Iron Age (Later): Southern Africa: Peoples
Iron Age (Later): Southern Africa: Southeastern Lowveld, Emergence of States on
Iron Age (Later): Southern Africa: Toutswemogala, Cattle, and Political Power
Kasai and Kuba: Chiefdoms and Kingdom
Kazembe's Eastern Lunda
Kongo Kingdom, 1543-1568
Kongo Kingdom: Afonso I, Christianity and Kingship
Kongo Kingdom: Jaga Invasion to 1665
Kongo Kingdom: Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Kongo, Teke (Tio) and Loango: History to 1483
Loango: Slave Trade
Luba: Origins and Growth
Luba: Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Lunda: Kingdoms, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Lunda: Mwaant Yaav (Mwata Yamvo) and Origins
Lunda: Titles
Manyika of Eastern Zimbabwe
Maravi: Kalonga Masula: Empire, Trade
Maravi: Phiri Clan, Lundu and Undi Dynasties
Maravi: Zimba “Invasions”
Mutapa State, 1450-1884
Ndongo, Kingdom of
Njinga Mbande
Nyanga Hills
Ovimbundu States
Rwanda: To 1800
Sena, Tete, Portuguese, and Prazos
Torwa, Changamire Dombo and the Rovzi
Iron Age to End of Eighteenth Century: Eastern and North Central Africa
Adal: Ibrahim, Ahmad ibn, Conflict with Ethiopia, 1526-1543
Bagirmi, Wadai and Darfur
Bantu Cultivators: Kenyan Highlands
Bourbon, Ile de France, Seychelles: Eighteenth Century
Buganda to the Nineteenth Century
Burundi to c. 1800
Central Africa, Northern: Arab Penetration, Rise of Cavalry States
Central Africa, Northern: Central Sudanic Peoples
Central Africa, Northern: Chadic Peoples
Central Africa, Northern: Islam, Pilgrimage
Central Africa, Northern: Slave Raiding
Comoros: Before 1800
Cushites: Northeastern Africa: Stone Age Origins to Iron Age
Eastern Savanna, Political Authority in
Ethiopia: c. 1550-c. 1700
Ethiopia: Aksumite Inheritance, c. 850-1150
Ethiopia: Eighteenth Century
Ethiopia: Muslim States, Awash Valley: Shoa, Ifat, Fatagar, Hadya, Dawaro, Adal, Ninth to Sixteenth Centuries
Ethiopia: Portuguese and, Sixteenth to Seventeenth Centuries
Ethiopia: Shoan Plateau, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
Ethiopia: Solomonid Dynasty, 1270-c. 1550
Ethiopia: Zagwe Dynasty, 1150-1270
Great Lakes Region: Cattle Herding
Great Lakes Region: Karagwe, Nkore and Buhaya
Great Lakes Region: Kitara and the Chwezi Dynasty
Great Lakes Region: Ntusi, Kibiro and Bigo
Iron Age (Later): East Africa: Cattle, Wealth, Power
Iron Age (Later): East Africa: Labor, Gender, Production
Iron Age (Later): East Africa: Salt
Iron Age (Later): East Africa: Societies, Evolution of
Iron Age (Later): East Africa: Trade
Islam: Eastern Africa
Lalibela and Ethiopian Christianity
Madagascar: Malagasy Kingdoms, Evolution of
Madagascar: Prehistory and Development to c. 1500
Mascerene Islands prior to the French
Massawa, Ethiopia and the Ottoman Empire
Nilotes, Eastern Africa: Eastern Nilotes: Ateker (Karimojong)
Nilotes, Eastern Africa: Maasai
Nilotes, Eastern Africa: Origins, Pastoralism, Migration
Nilotes, Eastern Africa: Southern Nilotes: Kalenjin, Dadog, Pokot
Nilotes, Eastern Africa: Western Nilotes: Luo
Nilotes, Eastern Africa: Western Nilotes: Shilluk, Nuer, Dinka, Anyuak
Oromo: Migration and Expansion: Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Oromo: Origins, Social and Economic Organization
Sirikwa and Engaruka: Dairy Farming, Irrigation
Slavery: East Africa: Eighteenth Century
Slavery, Plantation: East Africa and the Islands
Somalia: Pastoralism, Islam, Commerce, Expansion: To 1800
Swahili: Azania to 1498
Swahili: Mombasa, Fort Jesus, the Portuguese, 1589-1698
Swahili, Portuguese and: 1498-1589
Upare, Usambara, Kilimanjaro
Iron Age to End of Eighteenth Century: North Africa
‘Abd Allah ibn Yasin: Almoravid: Sahara
‘Abd al-Mu'min: Almohad Empire, 1140-1269
Abu Madian, al-Shadhili, and the Spread of Sufism in the Maghrib
Aghlabid Amirate of Ifriqiya (800-909)
Arab Bedouin: Banu Hilal, Banu Sulaym, Banu Ma'qil (Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries)
Barbary Corsairs and the Ottoman Provinces: Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli in the Seventeenth Century
Egypt and Africa (1000-1500)
Egypt: Arab Conquest
Egypt: Arab Empire (640-850)
Egypt: Ayyubid Dynasty, 1169-1250
Egypt: Fatimid Caliphate
Egypt: Fatimids, Later: 1073-1171
Egypt: Fatimids, Later: Army and Administration
Egypt: Fatimids, Later: World Trade
Egypt: Mamluk Dynasty (1250-1517): Army and Iqta‘ System
Egypt: Mamluk Dynasty (1250-1517): Baybars, Qalawun, Mongols, 1250-1300
Egypt: Mamluk Dynasty (1250-1517): Literature
Egypt: Mamluk Dynasty (1250-1517): Plague
Egypt: Ottoman, 1517-1798: Historical Outline
Egypt: Ottoman, 1517-1798: Mamluk Beylicate (c. 1600-1798)
Egypt: Ottoman, 1517-1798: Napoleon and the French in Egypt (1798-1801)
Egypt: Ottoman, 1517-1798: Nubia, Red Sea
Egypt: Ottoman, 1517-1798: Trade with Africa
Egypt: Tulunids and Ikhshidids, 850-969
Fatimid Empire: Maghrib, 910-1057
Funj Sultanate, Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries
Ibn Khaldun: Civilization of the Maghrib
Ibn Khaldun: History of the Berbers
Ibn Tumart, Almohad Community and
Maghrib: Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli under the Deys Husaynids and Karamanlis in the Eighteenth Century
Maghrib: Arab Conquest of, 650-715
Maghrib: European Expansion into, 1250-1550
Maghrib: Marinids, Ziyanids, and Hafsids, 1235-1359
Maghrib: Muslim Brotherhoods
Maghrib: Ottoman Conquest of Algiers, Tripoli, and Tunis
Morocco: Ahmad al-Mansur and Invasion of Songhay
Morocco: Maraboutic Crisis, Founding of the ‘Alawite Dynasty
Morocco: Mawlay Isma'il and Empire of
Morocco: Sa'adians
Morocco: Sidi Muhammad and Foundations of Essawira
Nobadia, Makurra and 'Alwa
Nubia: Banu Kanz, Juhayna, Arabization of the Nilotic Sudan
Nubia: Relations with Egypt (Seventh to Fourteenth Centuries)
Salah al-Din/Saladin
Sahara: Peoples of the Desert
Sahara: Salt: Production, Trade
Sahara: Trans-Saharan Trade
Sijilmasa, Zawila: Trans-Saharan Trade
Yusuf ibn Tashfin: Almoravid Empire: Maghrib: 1070-1147
Iron Age to End of Eighteenth Century: Western Africa
Africanus, Leo
Air, Sultanate of
Aja-Speaking Peoples: Aja, Fon, Ewe, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Aja-Speaking Peoples: Dahomey, Rise of, Seventeenth Century
Akan and Asante: Farmers, Traders, Emergence of Akan States
Akan States: Bono, Dankyira, Wassa, Akyem, Akwamu, Fante, Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries
Akan States: Eighteenth Century
Allada and Slave Trade
Asante Kingdom: Osei Tutu and Founding of
Benin Empire: Oba Ewuare, Trade with the Portuguese
Benin Empire: Origins and Growth of City State
Benue Valley Peoples: Jukun and Kwarafa
Borno (Bornu), Sultanate of: Mai Idris Aloma
Borno (Bornu), Sultanate of: Origins and Rise, Fifteenth Century
Borno (Bornu), Sultanate of: Saifawa Dynasty: Horses, Slaves, Warfare
Borno (Bornu), Sultanate of, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Carvajal, Luis del Mármól
Dahomey: Eighteenth Century
Equiano, Olaudah
Forest Peoples: Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Ivory Coast: History of to 1800
Fulbe/Fulani/Peul: Cattle Pastoralism, Migration, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Fulbe/Fulani/Peul: Origins
Futa Jalon to 1800
Futa Toro
Futa Toro: Nineteenth Century
Ghana, Empire: Historiography of Origins
Ghana, Empire: History of
Gold: Akan Goldfields: 1400 to 1800
Gold: Production and Trade: West Africa
Hausa Polities: Origins, Rise
Hausa Polities: Urbanism, Industry, and Commerce
Hausa Polities: Warfare, Nineteenth Century
Ibn Battuta, Mali Empire and
Ife, Oyo, Yoruba, Ancient: Kingship and Art
Igbo and Igala
Kanem: Decline, Merge with Borno (c. 1400)
Kanem: Origins and Growth (Sixth to Tenth Centuries)
Kanem: Slavery and Trans-Saharan Trade
Literacy and Indigenous Scripts: Precolonial West Africa al-Maghili
Mai Dunama Dibalami
Mali Empire: Decline, Fifteenth Century
Mali Empire: Economy
Mali Empire, Sundiata and Origins of
Mandinka States of the Gambia
Mane: Migrations, Sixteenth Century, History of
Mansa Musa, Mali Empire and
Massassi and the Kaarta State
Niger Delta and its Hinterland: History to Sixteenth Century
Niger Delta and its Hinterland: Peoples and States to 1800
Portugal: Exploration and Trade in the Fifteenth Century
Religion: Indigenous Beliefs: Sub-Saharan Africa
Religion: Islam, Growth of: Western Africa
Rumfa, Muhammad
São Tomé and Principe to 1800
Slavery: Trans-Saharan Trade
Slavery in African Society
Segu: Origins and Growth of a Bamana Kingdom
Slavery, Atlantic Basin in the Era of
Slavery: Atlantic Trade: Abolition: Philanthropy or Economics?
Slavery: Atlantic Trade: Effects in Africa and the Americas
Slavery: Atlantic Trade: Opposition, African
Slavery: Atlantic Trade: Transatlantic Passage
Slavery: Mediterranean, Red Sea, Indian Ocean
Songhay Empire, Gao and Origins of
Songhay Empire: Moroccan Invasion, 1591
Songhay Empire: Sonni Ali and the Founding of Empire
Songhay Empire: Ture, Muhammad and the Askiya dynasty
Tuareg: Takedda and Trans-Saharan Trade
Tuareg: Traders, Raiders, and the Empires of Mali and Songhay
Wolof and Jolof Empire
Yoruba States (Other Than Ife and Oyo)
Yoruba States: Oyo
Yoruba-Speaking Peoples