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HIST 1111/World Civ I: Topics Covered in World Civ I

Information Sources on major events and topics

Explore topics and time periods studied in this course, each box links to a different type of information source:books: articles from magazines, reliable websites, streaming media/video, and primary sources.  

When browsing here, reflect on how these were researched. What tools, search terms might haven been used? Which were found using library subscription databases?  Choose one of these and use it to find more sources on a topic of interest to you.   Do you, personally, subscribe to any such online information resources? 

Searching History Reference Center

Examples of articles from the History Reference Center, try browsing/searching time periods, below. 

Books found searching GIL FIND

Examples of the many books available from the library on this and most all topics, both ebooks and printed. Recall that you can request printed books be delivered to the Liberty Center, there are regular deliveries. 

Reliable web sites about Ancient Greece and Rome

Examples of Primary Sources

Streaming Media about Ancient Civilizations

Title Segment Transcript

Are you a visual learner?  Films on Demand is a library subscription database containing thousands of educational videos on all subjects. Found searching GIL FIND. From off campus, use the current GALILEO password.