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Critical Analysis: Research

Cycle of Research













Review your notes about the text and its context (you've already started steps 1 & 2)  in order to generate some research questions and keywords to search (step 3.) The reliable information resources listed on this page will help you get started, but of course there are many more sources and tools of research. 

If you don't find useful "hits" on the first try, or even second, it is not unusual. Try changing your search terms, explore your topic in a different resource. Ask your teacher or librarian for help, it can save a lot of time at this stage. 

Library guides by topic

Information about media


Now that you have notes about the text and its context, you should have several keywords that you can use to start your research.


Use these terms to figure out which information resources are relevant to your analysis. Once you've selected a few resources, use your keywords to search for secondary sources that you can use in your writing.

Researching the social context

Current events

Social Issues


Click on the image below for a guide to evaluating the reliability of your sources.