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Statistics Searching Resources: Education

Selected statistical sources

Web sites for international statistics on education

Education statistics go beyond national borders. In a globalized economy and an interconnected world, the educational progress of any country impacts us all.

Georgia State Web sites

The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) collects data in compliance to state law, federal law and rules established by the GaDOE State Board. All public school districts within Georgia are required to comply with these data reporting requirements and all district superintendents are required to electronically sign-off on various data collections attesting to the completeness and accuracy of the data.

US Government Education Web Sites

The United States Department of Education has a longstanding commitment to collecting and sharing data.  The US. Dept of Education describes that committment as:

  • Establishing policies on federal financial aid for education, and distributing as well as monitoring those funds.
  • Collecting data on America's schools and disseminating research.
  • Focusing national attention on key educational issues.
  • Prohibiting discrimination and ensuring equal access to education.