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Armstrong on the Home Front: Luncheon

Explore the infomration sources found on this site to learn about Armstrong during World War II

Let's look at about June 1943 in Savannah, GA. What's for lunch?

Deviled eggs, chickens are still laying and we need our protein to keep up our home front work!

Tomato sandwiches, from the Victory garden, no tomato shortages this time of year!

SPAM, this innovative meat is a treat! Canned goods are needed overseas for our "fighting men" and allies

Jell-O, we'll use it to stretch some fruit (skipping the meat and vegetable stretching jell-o recipes!)

Ice tea, unsweetened.  Sorry, there is a sugar shortage, we're lucky to have Jell-O!

Reflecting on Research

What was on the menu for lunch in Savannah during World War II?  Where might you go to discover the answer? Get ideas for the menu? Here are some strategies, but brainstorm more and share below. 

Search Life Magazine, digitized in Google books for discussion of food, menus, lunch, luncheon , spam and Jell O in articles and advertising.

Find cookbooks from the period.

Scan The Geechee Yearbook and The Inkwell newspaper for pictures of students/faculty dining.

Magazines in Google Books

Some magazines are digitized in Google Books, lncluding Life Magazine (digitized and keyword searchable  from 1935-1972, no printing.) Use the link to browse a list of other titles available.  Or, do an advanced search of Google books, limiting to magazines, notice you can also select a date range.  Mostly articles from  U.S. during 20th century

Life Magazine & Popular Mechanics during the War: food shortages, Jell-O & SPAM

Ad for Jell-O

Avoiding waste and stretchering the food available with Jell-O

Ad for Jell-O

Jell-O was hard to get due to sugar shortages

Ad for Campbell's Soup

Canned goods needed for soldiers overseas

Article on Hormel & SPAM

Canned meat

Page from Popular Mechanics June 1943

food rationing

Please share your ideas

Eat to Live cookbook, copyright 1943

Pre-war cookbook, copyright 1939

Library catalogs for books