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TBT Ideas for Languages, Literature, and Philopsophy: Home

Resources about Armstrong history and tips for researching materal for Throwback Thursday blog posts.

Welcome to your guide to researching TBT in the University Archives

Major sources for Armstrong's history--the school yearbook, the Inkwell student news, Armstrong's literary magazines, and more.  Each box links to a different information resource and research tips.  


Business staff for The Geechee, from 1943 Geechee (yearbook)

"Geechee Business Staff" The Geechee. 1943. Armstrong Junior College. The Internet Archive. Web. 31 August 2015.

Cited using Purdue Owl's MLA Guide ( I used examples for citing a photograph found in a book and for citing electronic editions of books, etc.  Because the photograph's name is unknown, I moved the photograph title to the first element of the citation, in place of photographer/author/creator's name.

Ideas for researching Throwback Thursday

How to get ideas for TBT?

  • Look/ask around about events, people, places related to the Department and get curious.  Why does our La, Li, Phi Dept have an award named after Jones? Who was Jones? Are there early pics of writing tutors? Was the Department always in Gamble Hall? And, who is Gamble, anyway?  May Gamble, Jones and writing tutors have their pictures in the yearbooks? (Hint: yes!)
  • Survey the recent book, Armstrong's history from 1935-2010 written by Emerita faculty member Janet Stone, titled From the Mansion to the University, link below to catalog entry for book in the library. Also, Janet's Women of Armstrong and profiles of theater directors, also linked below. 
  • Visit the University Archives  in Lane Library. Caroline Hopkinson, contact info below, will arrange a time for research in the archives.  Such research requires some time to review the material in the archives. But, that is where you find the stuff NOT already online, new and sometimes surprising! There are lots of photographs not digitized (check out the archives' Flickr site below for an online selection.)
  • And of course, browse, keyword search the resources linked from this page, they contain fodder for many blog posts!

What's in the boxes? Almost nobody knows!

Armstrong's Literary Magazines from the Archives (back issues)

Armstrong's literary magazines are closely tied to the Lang. Lit and Philosophy Department.  Might be nice to have a blog post about their availability online.  Or browse for an interesting work of art, artist to feature. 

Sample citation to The Mercury:

Baker, Allie. “Pick-Up: A Short, Short Story.” Armstrong Mercury Winter Quarter 1947: 8-9. Web. Accessed 31 August 2015.

I used the MLA citation example for a magazine article and web as the method of access. I added the URL of the landing page for Armstrong’s archives at The Internet Archive, since this source might be difficult to find without that information. Alternatively, I could have added: Lane Library Special Collections. Armstrong State University, which would direct users to the print version. 

Joseph Killorin's letter of application

Joseph Killorin's letter of application for a position on the faculty of Armstrong Junior College from 1947. Killorin retired from Armstrong in 1974.

Citation to this letter from the Unviersity Archives.

Killorin, Joseph. Letter to Forman Hawes. 17 August 1947. Administrative Records of Henry L. Ashmore, 1964-1982. Armstrong State University Archives. Savannah, GA. 31419-1997. Box 23a file 13. 

Armstrong's Yearbook, The Geechee, 1937-1955

Need a photo of a student, faculty member, building or event?  You'll probably find it here.  Need to know approximate year(s).  Choose the yearbook year below, then browse or search the full text of that yearbook.

Drs. Strozier and Pendexter

What have these fellows to do with the Languages, Literature and Philosophy Department?


"Robert Strozier and Hugh Pendexter in cafeteria." No date. University Archives. Lane Library. Armstrong State University. Photograph. Flickr. Web. 31 August 2015.

The citation begins with the title I've created for this photograph (photographer unknown) and then acknowledges that the original photograph is housed in the University Archives, using conventions for citing original materals found in archives.  Next I add that it is also found on the Flickr website, using the rules for online resources.  I could have cited only the archival copy or the Flickr digitized version, but this provides more information, if needed. 

Armstrong's Yearbook, The Geechee 1956-1995

Geechees were not published from 1977-1980.

No yearbook was published in 1990.

The Writing Center in the 1992 Geechee


A link to a guide with digitized issues of The Inkwell, from Sept 1935-1947 and 1960-1971.  Again, you'll need to choose your year or volume, there is no search across all the Inkwell issues, sorry! Browsing the issues will give a good idea of the activities and concerns of Armstrong students from that year. 

Cite The Inkwell as you would other newspaper articles, but might add The Internet Archive. Web. Date accessed. And the url of our landing page in the Internet Archive ( MLA does not require a URL but one can be added, I think this URL could help interested readers explore other historical Armstrong publications.

Gamble from The Geechee yearbook

Might cite photo as: 

"Mayor Gamble" The Geechee. 1946 Armstrong Junior College. The Internet Archive. Web. 31 August 2015.

Albion's Voice 1970

Contact for questions, to visit the University Archives

Department of Language and Literature from 1975 Geechee