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Jamison ENGL 1101: Home

Souce: Maxime Raphael,, CC license, cropped from original

The Assignment

Find a current problem in your community and write an essay in which you explain the problem and offer potential solutions (or a single solution). The problem must be sufficiently narrow in scope so that it can be thoroughly explored in a brief research essay. If you choose a national problem, you must discuss the problem as it affects a particular local area or a particular population.

Research requirements:
You will need at least four secondary sources. These sources may include books, journals, newspaper articles, news reports, and respectable web sites. Be sure that you vary the kinds of sources you use. You may also use an interview if you have a connection with an authority on your topic. I’ll look for a variety of sources. At least three of the sources must be very recent (published in the last year).

Google Scholar and GALILEO

If you find an article you need using Google Scholar, there is no guarantee  you will have access to the full text.  It is possible that  Lane Library does have access to the journal through one of our subscription databases. Go to the Settings page in Google Scholar, and from the Library Links tab, find and select the following options.

  • Armstrong Atlantic State University - Find It @ Armstrong
  • Armstrong Atlantic State University - Full Text @ Armstrong
  • Georgia Library Services Board of Regents - EBSCOhost Full Text
  • Open WorldCat - Library Search

With these selected, Google Scholar results will display some retrieval options through GALILEO that may be able to help.

Sample Problem/Solution Statements

Higher gas taxes should be imposed in the city of Savannah and suburbs in order to support public transportation. 

Legalized gambling revenue is a great way for states and cities to bring in much-needed revenue. 

There should be two full-time teachers in every classroom in the school system to help manage large classroom sizes. 

Election day should be considered a holiday so that more people have the opportunity to vote.