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Health Science Resources: Journal/Database Access

FInd Articles

Use these academic databases to find scholarly articles:

Off-campus Logins to Access Databases

To access GALILEO databases, you must enter the GALILEO password. To access library databases outside of GALILEO, you must enter your Active Directory ID and password. Here are the links to help you access these logins:

Example of an Entry in the Journal Locator

This entry in the Journal Locator details where this journal title is accessible within Lane Library's journal holdings:

  • Access to full articles from this journal in print form is detailed here (in blue text). Print journals can be found in Bound Periodicals section on the second floor of Lane Library.
  • Access to full text articles from this journal through an online database is detailed here (via green hyperlink). If a GALILEO symbol is located to the left of the database listed with a green hyperlink, then the GALILEO password is necessary to access this database from off-campus. If no GALILEO symbol can be found next to the database link, then off-campus access to this database will require your Active Directory ID and password. If you do not know one or both of these logins, please see the box to the left of this guide titled "Off-campus Logins to Access Databases."
  • If available, additional information about accessing this journal can be found in red text here at the bottom of the record. Additional information provided about a journal title may include title changes (previous titles and/or new titles), location in Lane Library, and/or copyright blocks on titles.

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